About the Book

Mixing the perfect cocktail is an art.  Too much vermouth and your Martini will pucker mouths.  Too little gin and your Gin Fizz will fizzle.  With See Mix Drink, the only book to offer drink-mixing instruction through infographics, anyone can deliver a cocktail masterpiece, shaken or stirred.  This book makes drink mixing easy and intuitive by using a breakthrough visual format, revealing the DNA behind 100 of today’s most popular cocktails.

Mojitos, Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, and Alabama Slammers are as easy as 1-2-3 with these ingeniously clear step-by-step line drawings, showing cocktails in their appropriate glassware, with pie charts spelling out each drink’s composition by volume (and calorie count!) for delicious results every time.  Organized into eight chapters by spirit – Brandy, Champagne, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey, and Liqueurs – the book is easily browsable and includes a color-coded index and color photographs of the finished drinks.

With anecdotes on the history of each beverage, See Mix Drink will make you sound as smart as your cocktails taste, whether you’re hosting a group of friends or fixing a nightcap for two.  See Mix Drink is the revolutionary new way to mix your favorite drinks at home.

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